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    Betterpreneurs connect purpose and prosperity.

    Africa is a growing emerging market.

    To create prosperity it needs entrepreneurial solutions.


    We know there is enough talent and opportunity.
    The time for entrepreneurship is now.

    To cater jobs, to increase income.

    To tackle environmental and social issues.


    We believe in the dreams of entrepreneurs.

    We guide companies to work from purpose
    and grow sustainably.



    'You are our purpose guardian angel'


    - CFO agri business, West Africa


    'We should bring this support to more of our portfolio companies'

    - Impact investor, the Netherlands

    'We regularly take time to stand still and really see our main critical challenges through the interventions of Betterpreneurs. We gained time and prevented more energy loss'


    - CEO energy business, East Africa

    'They knew how to guide us on bringing both purpose and profit at the same time'

    - CEO agri business, West Africa

    'Our team is more self aware and the trust is stronger than ever'

    - MT member finance business, East Africa


    'Poverty is not being able to get what you want'. That's what a wise Gambian girl of 9 years old told me when I was interviewing local youth on their look on poverty in 2005. Being in the midst of this poor village in the Gambia made me see how talented people were not able to reach their potential. Due to lack of opportunity and/or belief, they were not able to get what they wanted. I asked myself how to create prosperity in situations where it matters most. I never stopped asking myself this question ever since.

    That year I joined Better Future as a managing partner to guide leadership journeys for senior leaders of MNC’s, foundations and social enterprises. Our journeys took place all over the world, including many African countries, always focussing on connecting with one's purpose and creating impact. What I learned from all those journeys, no matter the destination?
    People thrive when they follow their own path and the most sustainable and impactful way to contribute to society is through entrepreneurship. It takes courage to be an entrepreneur that wants to better the world. They're certainly not taking the easy road, but I dare to say it is the most fulfilling and impactful way there is.

    A strategy session in 2015 with Ecom West Africa (a leading sustainable commodity merchant) uncovered my calling even more. Their entrepreneurial CEO wanted to combine profitability and impact. We came up with a strategy called ‘creating rural prosperity’ that focused on creating an efficient and innovative supply chain for the farmers to put them first. I took a role as a guide in the transformation of the company and its leaders. Therefore I did a home-stay of 2 days at a cocoa village to learn about the reality on the ground. While strolling around the village I came across a farmer I interviewed the day before: 'You are still here' he said surprised. 'I am here to stay’, I responded. ‘It takes time to create prosperity'.

    I am here to stay, to create meaningful growth. To create prosperity. That is why I founded Betterpreneurs in 2019 and took off on our first Quest, cycling 8 weeks through Africa to gain entrepreneurial and local insights. Thank you Gambian girl, thank you farmer, and thank you entrepreneurs, for showing the way. Lets betterpreneur together.


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