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Brilliant or Crazy? 

Understanding your market is essential for every strategic consultant or entrepreneur. You can read about it in books/articles and gather information from hear-say. But if you really want to comprehend all its needs and challenges, there's only one thing to do: dive deep into the market and find the answers on the ground. Being at the start of my new venture with Betterpreneurs, that's exactly what I'm about to do.

On a quest: In 8 weeks I'm going to visit as many impact entrepreneurs, investors and beneficiaries in Africa as I can to gain a better understanding of their needs and dreams.

That's not all. I will use a universal means of transport that is very eco-friendly and brings me in close contact with the surrounding: the bicycle. Meaning I will cover more than 2000 km comprising 5 African countries: Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Starting 13 October and finishing 2 December 2019. Along the way I'll be accompanied by co-riding colleagues and friends, contributing with new perspectives and colourful moments.

Strategists on a bicycle: Brilliant or Crazy? 

Brilliant because we're emerging and getting a better understanding of the market and local life. Or crazy: imagine all the time it takes to reach a Betterpreneur, the lack of bicycle lanes, the reputation of a cyclist in general, unforeseen encounters but also finding somewhere to sleep...

This weekend my first co-rider (also known as my wife) started searching the web for places to sleep between Accra and Kumasi. After searching for a while she said: ‘It seems that there are NO hotels at all!’ Reassuringly I responded: 'There will probably be more than enough hotels, but they're merely not all on the web. And if we don't find a hotel nearby, we can always ask for a homestay.'

About 15 minutes later she came back and said: 'Now, I found one… We will need to report ourselves at the petrol station… The hotel is right behind it. USD 3 per night. I wonder how it will look......’

'That sounds good', I told her trying to look as convincingly as I could.

Do you want to see what happens on our Betterpreneurs Cycling Quest in Africa 2019 and read about the special places to sleep, experiencing local life & needs and above all: see the amazing work and challenges of entrepreneurship in Africa? Bring a little brilliance and craziness in your daily life and subscribe yourself below.

We will share short vlogs (taking up no more than 2 minutes of your valuable time) and write stories occasionally. Of course we're excited to hear your thoughts and ideas as well, so feel free to leave comments.

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