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In order to be successful in life, you need to overcome fears. How else can you achieve what seemed impossible?

A great example is the founder of Patagonia, who's courageous enough to leave the company alone and do dangerous climbs. He wrote a book called 'let my people go surfing'. It is about persistence and courage to build one of the most respected and environmental friendly companies of the world. They fear the environmental degradation of our planet and they put their fear into action. Their new mission is nothing less than saving the planet.

Today I came across another example of courage. An example of doing the impossible. We visited the African Leadership University (ALU).

Only 8% of African students that pass high school exams will have access to university. This needs to double if Africa wants to catch up and tackle its problems.

Therefore, Freds Waniker set up this new university (ALU) to take on this seemingly impossible challenge. The way of this education is remarkable. In the ALU students decide which problem they want to work on and build their studies around it. We were amazed by the energy of the students and the ownership they took. Great examples of new leadership. Whoopi and Ann share their view with you in the video below. Doing the impossible.

I had to overcome fears myself to take on this Betterpreneurs' quest

I feared not being able to accomplish the whole ride, cycling in Ghana and from Kigali to Nairobi. I got many fearful reactions. Too dangerous. Heavy traffic, thieves. So I could imagine my bicycle and money being stolen or pictured myself lying on the road.....

So the encouragement I got from Ryan Gellert, CEO Patagonia Europe was very welcome. He reacted immediately that this ride is great and that he wanted to support it. Now here we are, Willem Horstmann, David Rosenberg, Martijn Lamberts and I, exploring Rwanda in our Patagonia shirts. We've printed Mandela's quote on the back to remind us: 'It always seems impossible until it is done'. It applies to Patagonia’s mission to save the world, our ride, the entrepreneurship here in Rwanda (more about this in our next blog) and it applies to all our ideas, big or small.

Please do your impossible!

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