After a long ride we arrive at Nkokonjeru. We have heard good things about at a company there called Bake for Life and are going to find out what makes it so special. When we arrive at the premises we enter an area of tranquility. Bake for Life is a bakery run by sisters that employs people with a distance to the labour market. The bread they make is branded Kevina, which has an interesting story behind it.

I speak to Steve, one of the workers, who has no legs. He is so proud. ‘I grew up in this orphanage and now I can work here’. As they say here: disability is not inability. He loves my story about cycling from Kigali to Nairobi.

We are welcomed by the sisters for dinner and listen to the stories about their life and work. On the premises they also run an orphanage for children with a disability.

'It is hard to feed them, pay all their fees and give good education but when I get up in the morning I always get the energy to fight', says head sister Angelina.

We ask her where she gets the energy from. She tells us about their inspiration, sister Kevina. This Irish sister devoted her life to this community in the first half of the last century. She walked to Kampala to beg for food and shared it with everyone. She set up a hospital and did many more things. Although she was in Ireland when she died in her sleep, her body was brought to Uganda. When her body arrived, many people from the community had walked more than 100km to the airport to welcome it. The whole community paid tributes.

A Kevina act is an act of doing something for others out of compassion.

Every day this inspires the sisters to do their work. While we are enjoying our dinner, which includes Kevina bread, I wonder what my Kevina act is. Could we create more Kevina enterpreneurship? And what is your Kevina act?

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