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Leadership development from your bedroom

Written by Michel Barth, Founder Betterpreneurs

If you had told me two years ago that short and online sessions on a normal workday could work magic, I would have been convinced it was impossible. Once upon a time when Corona was just a Mexican beer, we designed and facilitated leadership and strategy journeys far away from the office and home to countries like Ghana, Kenya, India and Scotland. Bringing people in a setting that is out of their comfort zone, meeting new people and having a few days together, made it possible to focus deeper on personal and team development. More awareness, better connections, tons of inspiration and new ideas on the future always came. It would be impossible to get this kind of magic while people work from home, from their living rooms or transformed bedrooms. Isn’t it?

Nowadays, it is exactly what we offer 25 senior leaders of a company in West Africa which is going through a strategic transformation and needs to build new mindsets, competencies and ways of working to be successful in its strategy. Spread out over 5 months, we do weekly online sessions of one or two hours to create magic again.

I have to add: we still bring unexpected encounters, so we bring new people to their bedroom! We listened to the insightful stories of Equity Bank’s agency model, got the secrets of Soko’s way of innovating in the last mile and we played improvisation theatre on what was brewing inside the team with specialists from Germany and Mauritius.

These snack-bite sessions, as we call them, count up to power meals. We can translate insights into work actions, we can immediately deal with blocking realities to overcome them and we use the power of having time to sink in to get to new insights.

We can’t travel, we need to do it from our workplace or even our homes. But we meet the whole world. We can always log in. One only needs good wifi. And yes, we see people struggling in being fully present carrying with them the to do’s they were just working on. A fast shift is demanded. By making the sessions as interactive as we can, doing polls and asking people to join some improvisation theatre from their bedroom, we are slowly getting better at taking our weekly snacks fully focussed.

After the snack, they are practising their transformation muscles where it is needed most, in their daily working reality. The shifts are slow but steady. Leadership development from your office, home or even bedroom: I see new magic happening.

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