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What has Africa to offer?

Thank you for all you gave me, beautiful Africa. The ride has finished, but is still inside me. Africa is more inside me than ever.

The bicycle ride has been a real quest that showed the treasures of Africa.

Sometimes hidden behind despair and frustration. Sometimes revealed as bold optimism. It has proven to be a great way to see Africa’s beautiful nature, experience some of its poverty, understand its challenges better, feel the opportunities, connect with lots of people and to see the work of entrepreneurs on the ground.

My main inspiration is that there is a lot of potential for entrepreneurship, for growth. And that a lot is needed to make better prosperity a reality. There is work to do!

The coming weeks I will write about the BIG 5 Insights from my ride through Africa:

1. Africa has a huge potential for (impact) entrepreneurship

2. Logistics & Last Mile Distribution is a key challenge

3. Future growth is in agro-industrial industry & digitization to include more people in economy

4. Build trust and create space: go beyond scarcity mindset

5. Cultivate local talent to take the lead

Thank you co-riders for riding, suffering, enjoying and learning along with me. David Rosenberg, Annet van de Laak, Willem Horstmann, Martijn Lamberts, Erwin Dral, Berber Hania, Eric-Jan Rijnierse, Karin Steffens… I know the ride has given you a lot as well.

Lets enjoy the feeling of the ride one more time, enjoy the short clip!

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