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What is real optimistic leadership?

At the end of our CEO’s Resilience Workshop on keeping the spirits of staff and clients high, one CEO of an Eastern African MFI explains he has a challenge. We asked him why? He admitted that he told his staff he expected the crisis would take until September and then things would be normal again. Sounds optimistic. Unfortunately, the challenges will last way beyond September. What to do? was his question.

We explained that real optimism is not about hoping and communicating that the situation is not that bad. Real optimism is looking the beast in the eye AND have the perspective that however bad the situation might grow into, one will come out better. It is about giving that perspective that will ensure your staff to keep their spirits high.

It touched the CEO. He was reminded of his youth. ‘Actually, that is what I learned from my family. We were poor, we had our hardships. My father always told me and my siblings that we could learn from them and come out as stronger person’. He did, he became CEO of a respected MFI! Dear reader, entrepreneur, leader: what truth should you tell your people and what perspective should you give?

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