• Betterpreneurs

    Growing leaders and building impactful strategies

    and vibrant cultures in African companies

  • What We Do

    We love entrepreneurs and companies that better Africa and the world, that connect their purpose to growth and prosperity.


    We create the fertile ground to enable the growth of these companies.


    This is a selection

    of our main projects:

  • One Africa

    Pan-African Leadership Program for young professionals to unlock their and Africa’s potential. 

  •  Ecom
    West Africa

    • Executive Board membership People & Purpose
    • Ecom WAF University: building innovative and continuous learning in the company and value chain/on the ground
    • Last Mile Leadership Program: guiding top 50 in leadership development
    • Empower Change: serving smallholder farmers with new products and services to create rural prosperity
  •  S-A-L-T


    In-house consultancy for African equity investors to boost growth and impact of their investment companies



    Michel Barth - founder