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About Betterpreneurs

Here to cultivate the ideal environment where visionary leaders, dedicated to making a positive impact on the world, can thrive. Founded by Michel and supported by an extensive network of like-minded coaches, facilitators, and specialists who collectively share the same fundamental principles and values that drive Betterpreneurs' purpose forward.


The Purpose

We believe in entrepreneurs who aspire to make the world a better place and tackle its pressing challenges. This not only ensures a sustainable business case for the future but also brings profound satisfaction and drive. For us, it's a fundamental principle: we only engage when there is a genuine commitment to drive meaningful change in the world. Our purpose at Betterpreneurs is to cultivate the conditions for your success, ensuring that as you thrive, the world thrives alongside you

The Network

At the core of Betterpreneurs is its founder, Michel Barth, surrounded by a diverse network of like-minded coaches, facilitators, and specialists. This flexible network brings a wealth of sector-specific knowledge, cultural diversity, and specialized skills. Within Betterpreneurs, we value adaptability, often forming temporary teams for unique missions. This ensures a continuous flow of fresh energy and insights. Collaborators like David, Petra, Erik, Malika, Pierre, Jan, Olivia, and many others enhance our collective strength and capabilities.

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One Africa

Betterpreneurs is a co-founder of One Africa, a leadership development movement aimed at empowering Africa to become the master of its own fate. One Africa strives to build a continent that effectively addresses its challenges and thrives in the future.

About Michel

I'm Michel Barth, the founder of Betterpreneurs. I've worked in over 30 countries for various clients, including Friesland Campina, Ecom, FC Utrecht, Ecobank, Grameen Koota, WWF, and FMO.

I can be the glue for a team and the catalyst for the needed change. I have a knack for turning shared purpose and drive into real results. Therefore, I work extensively with action learning to create a space for inner awareness and draw inspiration from the outside.
I relish challenges and stay involved until the change truly takes place.

Beyond work, I'm a passionate world cyclist. Sometimes, I mix work with long bike tours in mountainous or coastal areas across Europe and beyond. The Betterpreneurs logo is inspired by cycling, representing the endurance and connection needed for lasting change. Just as I've pedaled through countless miles, I bring that same determination to your transformation.

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