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Creating fertile grounds to thrive is like tending a garden. It's about showing up in life and leadership in ways that inspire the best in ourselves, others, and our surroundings, all in service of a greater good and collective well-being. Just as a gardener tends to the soil, light, and nourishment to encourage seeds to grow, we nurture the conditions for growth, removing obstacles and fostering an environment where everyone can flourish. We focus on awareness, connection and energy to create the fertile ground you need to thrive.

We provide services for leaders, teams and organisations:

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One-on-One Executive Coaching

We offer personalized executive coaching to help you unlock your potential, align your body and mind, and energize your journey forward. You might feel stuck, experience frustration or seek personal growth and purpose. To nurture your personal soil for growth, we prioritize enhancing your self-awareness and inspiration, fostering the connection between mental and physical balance, with Leadership Circle reports as a starting point.

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Teams / Boards

Facilitating Team/Board Sessions

Break through resistance, build trust, and unlock your full potential with our immersive team sessions. When your team faces challenges and seeks to perform at the next level, investing in the soil of collaboration and trust is the key. Join us on a team journey where we embrace healthy conflict, explore strengths, and foster genuine connection and understanding to become a high-performing team

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Culture & Change Consultancy

We offer tailored culture and change trajectories, connecting your people to your unique purpose for growth and inspiration. We understand that at the organizational level, culture plays a significant role in shaping success. As the saying goes, 'culture eats strategy for breakfast.'
To execute your strategy successfully and take your organization to the next level, it's essential to cultivate the right 'organizational soil.' This involves transforming the way people interact and work together. Our solution involves crafting customized culture and change trajectories. We help you discover, internalize, and activate your unique purpose, fostering a connection among your people, both with themselves and with outside sources of inspiration. We leverage our extensive worldwide network to facilitate this transformation."

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Anker 1

Muzzammil, Country Director Ecom Ghana

"You transformed us from being transactional to being purposeful"

About Betterpreneurs

We create a setting where people feel free to explore their talents, take ownership, connect and contribute to a shared mission.

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