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Africa Leadership Ride

Africa Leadership Ride

Adventurous cycling in amazing nature for inner exploration

Kenya, 12-18 May 2024


Exploring your inner self on a unique journey

Going on a safari in Kenya's stunning nature

Riding bikes with a small, curated, international group of senior executives

We believe this special mix will give you the inspiration, guidance, and energy for a meaningful inner journey. You'll have personal reflection time in the midst of nature's beauty, with support from experienced coaches, all while enjoying the adventure of a guided cycling tour. It's a one-of-a-kind and enjoyable leadership ride you won't want to miss.


The cycling adventure

  • Duration: 5 days, average 60 km per day, both off-road and tarmac

  • Fitness level: You do not need to be an avid cyclist, but you do need to love cycling and have decent fitness

  • Wildlife and Parks: We will pause regularly to watch the wildlife and enjoy the national parks on our cycling safari. Check out the detailed program and discover what you will write home about.


  • Date: May 12-18

  • Price: € 4,000 ex VAT. 
    This includes:

    • The ride, bicycle and all logistical support in Kenya

    • The Leadership Circle Insights Report and 3 coaching sessions (before, during, and after)

    • Group guidance for a balanced experience — light and deep, complimentary and challenging, energizing and pushing your limits

    • All lodging and meals (excluding drinks) throughout the ride


Detailed Program

Every day starts with a personal wellness session followed by a group reflection breakfast. Starting from the second day there is time for personal coaching and reflection. To get an idea on the daily schedule and rides:

12 MAY

  • Arrival in Amboseli in afternoon.

  • Test out the bikes.

  • Welcome dinner.

13 MAY

The ride will bring us through the spectacular Amboseli National Park, in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Escorted by Kenyan Wildlife Service rangers, you’ll be cycling past bathing elephants, zebra, wildebeest, buffalo and more and visit some Masai villages. Arriving at Kilaguni Serena Lodge you’ll feel a sense of calm and awe as you look out over their watering hole where wildlife gathers right in front of where you'll be having dinner and reflect.

Meet the Guides

Africa Leadership Ride

Adventurous cycling in amazing nature for inner exploration

Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a 360° assessment that provides a snapshot of how your behaviors and mindset are perceived in your company and how are they enabling or constraining your purpose and business performance. It is invaluable to get a quantified analysis of how you are perceived by your boss, peers, staff and other stakeholders, and to compare that with your own self-assessment. This comprehensive view provides you with insights that enable you to make conscious choices about what and how you want to improve in your journey of self-discovery and reflection. Driven by an exhaustive database of over 4 million assessments, the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° assessment is a data-driven model for leadership development, trusted by the most influential companies in the world.

The Leadership Circle Profile™

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