People who better the world through their successful enterprise.


    How to create more profit and impact?




    Connecting purpose and prosperity.


    We use purpose to get the right focus in your company.
    To connect your people and get the best out of them.
    To find and activate your clients, to service them in the best way. We guide Betterpreneurs to build prosperity for the company and the world around them.

  • Connecting purpose and prosperity to create meaningful growth for entrepreneurs, their business and African people.

    We guide betterpreneurs in Africa to internalize and activate their purpose to create prosperity for business and society.

    Do you want to grow your company with more profit and impact?

    You're an impact investor and want to better your investments? Look what we can do for you.

    Follow our quest to find out what the real needs and dreams are of betterpreneurs.



    Betterpreneurs connect purpose and prosperity.

    Africa is a growing emerging market.

    To create prosperity it needs entrepreneurial solutions.


    We know there is enough talent and opportunity.
    The time for entrepreneurship is now.

    To cater jobs, to increase income.

    To tackle environmental and social issues.


    We believe in the dreams of entrepreneurs.

    We guide companies to work from purpose
    and grow sustainably.


    Every enterprise starts with a dream, an idea, a way to make a difference. Its unique meaning or the purpose.

    The future growth of every enterprise finds its foundation in that purpose: what difference can you make for your clients and society as a whole?


    The 21st century will be the century of purpose. The way you internalize and activate your purpose makes the difference with your competitors. This is what makes you strong and where you add your unique value.


    The ultimate challenge is in implementing the purpose. In creating real prosperity. Growth for your company, value for your customers and impact for society.


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