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Creating Fertile Ground

to help you thrive

Just as a gardener tends to the soil, light, and nourishment to encourage seeds to grow, I'm here to nurture the conditions for growth, removing obstacles and fostering an environment where everyone can flourish. I focus on awareness, connection and energy to create the fertile ground you need to thrive as a leader, team or organisation. Ultimately, enabling you to make positive impact.

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Awareness, Connection, Energy
Your Challenge

Feeling like you, your team, or your organization isn't reaching its peak potential? Stuck in reactive mode, dealing with conflicts, or facing energy blockages? Previous solutions providing only temporary relief? 


I specialize in creating fertile ground for thriving. My approach focuses on raising awareness of your current state and potential, fostering stronger connections, and optimizing energy flow. I'm a firm believer in growing individuals to elevate organizations.


Expect a transformation. You'll unlock new levels of performance and purpose. Imagine your team working harmoniously, having healthy conflicts, and energy flowing seamlessly. Picture your organization making a profound impact in the world.


Image by Rob Wicks

Executive Coaching


One-on-One Executive Coaching to overcome blocks, unlock your potential, align body and mind

Team Sessions


Engage in immersive sessions to build trust, embrace healthy conflicts, and reach your

next-level ambition



Tailor-made culture and change trajectories connecting your people to your unique purpose for growth and inspiration

Muzzammil, Country Director Ecom Ghana

"You transformed us from being transactional to being purposeful"


Betterpreneurs is here to cultivate the ideal environment where visionary leaders, dedicated to making a positive impact on the world, can thrive.
  • Founded by Michel; an experienced coach, facilitator, and consultant who ignites potential and fosters connections for meaningful missions. Committed to going the extra mile in his work and global cycling adventures, he's ready to join your transformation journey, driven by his endurance, compassion, and vision.
  • Supported by an extensive network of like-minded coaches, facilitators, and specialists who collectively share the same fundamental principles and values that drive Betterpreneurs' purpose forward.
  • Co-founder of One Africa, a leadership development movement aimed at empowering Africa to become the master of its own fate.
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